Enroll Your Garden

Gardens come in all shapes, sizes and variety; from patio containers of tomatoes, to small backyard gardens and large commercial operations. However, there’s one thing they all have in common - the ability to nourish a neighbor in need.

It’s our vision to increase access to fresh produce to the more than 700,000 individuals in our service area each year. You can help. Here are a few ideas on how you might participate:

  • Plant an extra row in your garden or container on your patio
  • Plant a backyard “giving garden” and dedicate the entire harvest
  • Start a new Community Garden on your work or school site
  • Donate the excess harvest from your farm or orchard
  • Donate your irregulars, or your B and C grade crops

Get started now. Enroll your garden and one of our Program Coordinators will contact you to discuss your specific interests.